(I would have spelled it with the cedilla, but that's one of the characters that gets mangled in some text encoding systems.)

Yesterday I became a musical performer, for the first time in decades. I spoke the "Reciter" role in William Walton's Facade: An Entertainment at the University of Delaware. I had assembled the ensemble of students (both undergraduate and graduate: flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, percussion, and 2 cellos. And we'd been rehearsing weekly since early September.

It all came off very well; our conductor and instrumentalists did outstanding work, and I seem to have come off well, according to reports from students and colleagues. I did the 21 Edith Sitwell poems (notated with precise rhythm but no pitch) in my best attempt at a vaguely British accent -- the assonances and near-rhymes of the text seem to require it. And one item, "Scotch Rhapsody," I did in broad Scottish; our Glasgow-born composition professor heartily approved.

Does anyone here know this unique, amusing, atmospheric work?