The last time I mentioned Elina Garanca here, we ended up trying to find a way to make the hacek/caron visible on both PC and Mac screens. This time I'm just going to leave out all the diacriticals.

When the Met's simulcast schedule was released, I was disappointed to see Garanca was appearing only as Nicklausse in Les Contes d'Hoffmann. I knew she'd been singing Octavian and Carmen in Europe, but she'd not sung either of those roles in the short time she'd been at the Met. So there were Rosenkavalier and Carmen on the schedule, both of them Garanca-less. It will be years before the Met starts repeating operas already simulcast, so I was out of luck.

Then the substitutions began, with Hoffmann. Rolando Villazon, scheduled to sing the title role, had to drop out because of throat surgery (Joseph Calleja is taking on the role). Then Rene Pape decided he didn't want to add the Four Villains to his repertoire and withdrew (Alan Held is substituting). Then Elina Garanca was replaced by Kate Lindsey. What??? But that turned out to be good news.

The new production of Carmen was designed specifically for Angela Gheorghiu, with hubby Roberto Alagna as her Don Jose. Then she withdrew from all but two of her scheduled performances, for "personal reasons" (unexplained). But the two performances she will be singing are the only two in which Alagna is NOT her Don Jose; she'll sing opposite Jonas Kaufmann instead. Earlier this year Alagna gave an interview in which he said the two of them probably will not be sharing the stage much in the future. Interesting, hm?

But not pertinent. What is pertinent is that Elina Garanca will be replacing Gheorghiu as Carmen. Yippee! Since Carmen rehearsals will be taking place during Hoffmann's run, she had to give up the smaller role. Tough choice, I'm sure.

I am very happy.