The day the board vanished was the day after I saw Tosca, but I still want to get my two cents in. That production roundly deserved the booing it got. Drab, ugly sets; dumb stage directions that all but ignored the music; costuming better suited to a comic opera than to a tragedy. The second-act set was downright offensive. Scarpia's quarters are supposed to be ornate, luxurious -- the reflection of a man who denies himself nothing. This one looked like a bus station. The only real color in the set was a pair of red sofas. So what color dress does Tosca wear in that act? Yep. Clashing red, at that.

Hated the production...but I loved the performance! Three powerhouse singers, all in perfect control -- I thought they were fantastic. George Gagnidze (Scarpia) was new to me, but he was singing on the same level as Mattila and Alvarez. They made a perfect vocal triangle. I'm soooo glad I went.