Yes, same cast as I saw in late November, give or take a name or two in the supporting ensemble.

I can only take Suor Angelica as an interlude in the middle of this triple-bill, not on its own. The first half is overdependent on the same dubious gimmick as many tiresome Hollywood movies, the adorableness of nuns having human weaknesses and quirks. And the latter half is marred by, as noted, her forgetting suicide is a mortal sin till she's done it. I always want to say "Girl, you're too stupid to live... oh wait." There's also the tinselly music which is the best Puccini could come up with for the "miracle." But I will give this production points for actually staging the miracle. Many productions (including the previous Met one) go for "we see it in her face," which may sound like a good idea in theory but doesn't work out in practice.

As a respite between the wonderful mellerdramer of Tabarro and the hilarity of Schicchi, though, I don't mind it.