The Rosenkavalier that I saw at ENO was in 1975, with Anne Evans (Marschallin), Valerie Masterson (Sophie), Josephine Barstow (a soprano Octavian), Eric Shilling (Faninal) and Australian bass-baritone Neil Warren-Smith as Ochs. The conductor was Charles Mackerras.

I heard Acts 1 and 3 of Saturday's Met broadcast. It was OK, but I'm not a great fan of the opera. I really don't like anything in the first Act until Ochs turns up. I do like the start of Act 2, but then find that it sags until the Octavian/Ochs bust-up. And I enjoy most of the third Act, though the stuff after Och's exit is too mushy for my taste.

So I'm with Kay on this.