Barbara is quite right (of course) about soprano Carmens; they were almost the rule in the early 20th century, when the role was considered the soprano's by divine right, and Farrar, Calvé, et al were the ones audiences wanted to see in the part. As far as I know, though, the soprano alternatives in the score aren't by Bizet; he died soon after the unsuccessful world premiere, didn't he? and didn't have time to touch it up for future productions.

The sopranos who have recorded the role but never sung it onstage include Leontyne Price, Callas, Victoria de los Angeles (a borderline case, as she did undertake the role briefly a number of years later, in Newark NJ and at NYCO, and not successfully), Jessye Norman, Julia Migenes (for the film in which she appeared), and Angela Gheorghiu. AG is actually quite effective and seductive on that recording, but live performance is another matter.