I know THAT feeling.

Ah, Jon, you're right. Bizet did die only a few months after the first performance, and the score wasn't published until two years later. Any idea who did add the soprano bits?

Curious selection for next season's simulcasts. Two by Wagner, two by Verdi, two by Strauss, two by Donizetti. One each by Moussorgsky, Rossini, Puccini. And the simulcasts' first repeat of an opera -- Lucia, so soon after the first. It must be a new production.

Interesting note on the Met's website. After the last two simulcasts of this season (Hamlet, Armida), the simulcasts will have been seen by over two million people. That's a 2 followed by six zeroes! The number of people who will have attended perfomances at the Met is 800,000.