Chris and Austin -- wise guys.

Rita -- Yes, I've seen Alagna quite a few times, and without ever thinking he was particularly sexy. I've even seen him as Romeo before, in that 45-minute version he made with Gheorghiu. But I've never seen him in such tight-fitting trousers before. He was lookin' good, both coming and going.

But it was more than just a cute tush; it was his whole demeanor. There were places in the performance where the guy absolutely radiated sexuality. The first meeting of R&J was one such. He made it clear that he wanted her so much it was killing him, but he was restraining himself, unwilling to force himself on her. So he kept approaching her with small steps, waiting for signs of encouragement. Much of the scene was shot over J's shoulder, so the audience could see him as she did. She watched all that intensity slowly moving closer to her -- how could she say no? I've never seen Netrebko look more beautiful, but Alagna was still the sexier of the two.

She has better hair, though.