Should I report something more? Both operas (Billy Budd, Cosi fan tutte) are among my very favorites, both were excellently produced and performed. Both in what might be described as variable unit sets, the former rather monochromatic in scheme, the latter extremely colorful. Appropriate, in both cases.

The casts were splendid, and in the Glyndebourne tradition cast with stars-of-the-future more than established stars (though there have always been a few of those too). The name I knew best was John Mark Ainsley as Captain Vere. And the justly revered Sir Charles Mackerras conducting this Cosi production for the first time.

Glyndebourne is definitely my favorite place in the world to see an opera, and I can't recommend it strongly enough. Beautiful site, beautiful exterior and interior of the house, PERFECT acoustics for all kinds of music, great sight lines from many parts of the house, ultra-high performance standard, great restaurants for the dinner intermission... I could go on and on. I haven't a single negative to offer.

Thank you again, Andrew!