A very successful production, I'd say. And EVERYBODY sounded good. Performed without an intermission, so the backstage stuff was shown before the opera started. I'd thought the Rhine Maidens would probably be shown via a projection, but no, they were flown in live in front of a motion-and-voice-activated projection of bubbles. The three singers found the whole experience scary; the expression on the face of one girl when she first saw the harness she was going to wear -- well, it was priceless! But they all went through with it and the result was a very effective piece of theater.

Eric Owens's Alberich almost stole the show -- almost, but not quite. (Has anyone ever stolen the show from Bryn Terfel?) I especially liked Franz-Josef Selig's Fasolt. The audience in my theater found it all quite exhilirating and applauded enthusiastically and at some length, all the way through the curtain calls. Well, the singing and the production had to be good, to take your mind off the story. The story...oh dear, that story.
1. Don't ignore the fact that Hell hath no fury like a Nibelung scorned.

2. When contemplating home improvement, make sure you have enough in the bank to pay the construction workers.

3. Don't let a little dab of gold on your finger give you delusions of grandeur.

4. Keep the in-laws happy at all costs.

5. For a finale, make up a new word, like "Valhalla".