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Italian opera at the Met: the audience is just desperate to applaud everything, whenever there's the slightest pause.
Ah, but you must have noticed the lack of applause following "Stride la vampa". The orchestra even paused a moment to allow it; but where I was expecting thunderous applause, there was only silence. Ha, maybe the Met audience was too stunned to respond quickly. But I agree completely it was Dolora's opera, and we're not the only ones who think so. At intermission I passed two guys in their 20s and one of them was saying, "For my money, it's the old chick's show." Maybe Verdi should have stuck with his original title.

I'd say roughly a third of "my" audience was under 70, and they were enjoying it. We fell into a conversation with a young woman walking out of the theater, and she was riding an adrenalin high. She was laughing at the over-the-top plot and loving it, saying this opera had everything, right up through the punch-in-the-gut ending that Kay finds laughable. I'd say that was the right way to approach Trovatore -- not only accepting the artificiality but reveling in it.

Verdi was certainly going for popular appeal -- melody after melody, it never stops. I read somewhere that Verdi had written to his music publisher that he wanted every organ grinder in Italy to be playing a tune from Trovatore. Well, I hope he got his wish. I love this old turkey.

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