As noted above, I saw it on stage, from Row 4 of the stalls, and enjoyed it greatly. The Eva wasn't quite the thing, and the Walther was rather monochrome (he did have the necessary stamina, however), but the production was generally very well done, in particular the characterisation of the individual Mastersingers. I wasn't so keen on the unchanging bit of the set (a sort of Gothic ceiling on legs), which, on a smallish stage, made everything look too cluttered at the end of Act 2 and in the final scene.

As for Finley, he sounded good from where we were sitting, but he just seemed a bit young for the role (and why was he wearing a Raglan mackintosh in Act 1?). Someone I know was sitting at the back of the circle and said that he was difficult to hear, especially in the final scene. People are suggesting that the sound might have been adjusted for the Guardian relay (and, no doubt, the forthcoming DVD).