I hope to get to Up in the Air soon.

I did see Nine last week. I had seen the original Broadway production (starring Raul Julia) and the excellent 2003 revival (starring Antonio Banderas, who I persist in thinking would have been the ideal choice for the movie). I love Maury Yeston's music for this (though his lyrics are not on the same level), and am regretful but unsurprised that about half the score was dropped.

I'm even more regretful that Rob Marshall adopted exactly the same stylistic device for the songs ("they're the protagonist's fantasies") that he had in Chicago. It fit the earlier film very well, this one not so much. But some of the performances were excellent. Best, to my surprise (because she's a performer for whom I have no awareness, and her song is the only one I don't like), was Fergie as the Saraghina. Marion Cotillard was also lovely and touching as Luisa. Judi Dench is such a pro she puts her song over by sheer talent, but the reconception of her character as a British costume designer rather than a French producer pretty much removed any justification for the "Folies Bergere" song (and especially for it being done with a French accent). I didn't see any point to inventing a role just so Kate Hudson could prance around for 5 minutes and then vanish.

So... a very mixed experience, disappointing to one who knows the musical, but not without its definite pleasures.