I saw Up in the Air last weekend. I liked it very much -- except for the real-people interviews. Even had I not known they were real (though having heard it, I couldn't un-know it), I think I would have found them a breach in the otherwise consistent and convincing tone of the movie.

I always smile when I see that Jason Bateman has been given a juicy secondary role such as he had here, and Amy Morton (a Steppenwolf actress now a favorite of mine, having seen her stand out among the superb cast of August: Osage County on Broadway) had a nice real quality as the sister. Melanie Lynskey has become familiar to me this year -- this is her third movie I've seen in just a few months, following on The Informant! and Away We Go. In the latter, I'm embarrassed to say, until I read the final credits I thought she was Megan Mullalley, miraculously made to look much younger.

For me, one section of the movie went well beyond my general "Not great, but liked it quite a lot" reaction: the quiet conversation among Clooney, Anna Kendrick, and (especially) Vera Farmiga in the hotel lobby. That was just marvelous. Both in the writing and in the acting, that was one of those sequences that somehow catches a spark and is lifelike but even better. Its aftermath when they all crash a party was also great fun, but it was the conversation (and more especially Farmiga's share) that I would call really beautiful.

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