I've just come back from seeing Tamara Drewe. It's based on a graphic novel by cartoonist Posy Symonds which appeared in instalments in The Guardian. It's set in rural Dorset (very pretty!) and there are various tongue-in-cheek references to Thomas Hardy.

Anyway, it was tremendously enjoyable with excellent performances all round. It was directed by Stephen Frears, and Roger Allam (the Queen's private secretary in Frears's The Queen) plays one of the principal characters, a successful author of detective stories. His long-suffering wife is Tamsin Greig (very good indeed). Another of the principals is an American of whom I've never heard. He's called Bill Camp and reminded me rather of Bob Balaban.

It's released in the USA on 8 October. It's a little on the long side (111 minutes), but the scenes are mostly short and the time flies by. Go and see it!