It's that time.

The Closer is closing, but not all the way. Major Crimes, the spin-off starring Mary McDonnell, was originally planned to begin one week after the Closer finale and in the same time slot, but a hasty web search failed to turn up a confirmed start date. The finale is next week, so we'll know soon enough.

But here's something interesting. Brenda Leigh Johnson's civil case winds up next week (the finale), and what happens to Brenda depends upon a judge's decision. I read an interview with Mary McDonnell in which she said after the first season of Major Crimes, when the show has had time to settle into its routine, it was quite likely that Chief Johnson would return for a few guest appearances. Chief Johnson.

Now, this was not a recent interview; it took place while Major Crimes was still in the planning stages. Maybe it was just a trial balloon. Or maybe it's true. Your guess is as good as mine. I hope it's true -- that would be a much more satisfying ending than having Brenda leave under a cloud.