Sorry, Lorna, I missed that. No, I'm not a Buffy fan. I watched the first two or three episodes when the show first aired, but I was disappointed by how lame they all were, especially the first one. For one thing, we're supposed to have a slayer strong enough to battle vampires and demons, and they cast this slip of a girl with absolutely no muscle tone whatsoever. And the way she talked! Everyone else in that show had good, clear speech, but the leading lady swallowed her lines. I understood maybe half of what she said. So I gave up on the show rather quickly.

But recently I've been watching reruns, and I've come to appreciate the cleverness of the dialogue. It's witty and full of references that I seriously doubt the kid actors understood, and it's fun to listen to. So it's a little ironic that the one episode I'd recorded ("Hush") when my DVR died has no dialogue at all in most of the hour. Everyone in Sunnydale loses the power of speech, and that weird phenomenon is the work of a villainous group called The Gentlemen:


The Gentlemen don't walk; they glide smoothly over the surface of the ground, tilting their evil grinning skulls and making graceful hand gestures -- spooky and funny at the same time. I love these guys.

But no, I didn't watch Ringer.

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