A new Survivor, and no one has mentioned it! The second episode (last night) was a doozie. Russell Hantz's nephew is one of the players, and the only one he's told is Coach. Remember Coach? He and Ozzie are the two returning players. Anyway, Brandon (the nephew) used to be a bad boy but now he claims he's cleaned up his act and wants to redeem the Hantz family name. He's married and wants to remain faithful...but one of the girls unknowingly tempted him by stripping down to her skivvies when she went for a swim. So he started a campaign to get rid of her (it's all HER fault, you see). He lied about her and lied to Coach, saying two of the other girls wanted her out. He's Russell's nephew, all right! But the lies were exposed in tribal, and the girl in question didn't receive a single vote. The aftermath of all that should be interesting.