Now I can't get all of the TV 11-12 topic to load! And I think Botticelli is in trouble, too.

A couple of disappointing new shows. A Person of Interest has a good premise, stolen from Minority Report, but poor execution. What could have been a good puzzler is just another action show. And Prime Suspect has none of the intensity or intelligence of the original. It belongs on USA with all the other cop chick shows.

But tonight's A Gifted Man was so well done that I wish I liked it more. The dialogue, the pacing, and especially the direction were all spot on. It's just that my willing suspension of disbelief always becomes less willing when it's up against a ghost story. It's easy to see where the series is going; the ghost of the doctor's ex-wife is going to act as his conscience and make him a better man. Well, I wish 'em luck, even though I probably won't be watching. I did like the doctor's episode-long resistance to being haunted instead of accepting the situation in the first five minutes and plunging into a story, with ghost firmly settled in. There's much to recommend this show.