Ah, but didn't you love that tennis court? It must drive Hawkeye nuts.

I remember I wasn't too impressed with the 2-hour pilot of BSG -- this army of characters saying all these enigmatic things to one another. Then I watched it again at the end of the second season, and now it all made perfect sense! Kind of exciting, in fact. But the Caprica opening doesn't work that way; it's just straightforward story-telling. And the story it's telling is making me go Uh-huh just too many times for me believe it's going to develop into something great. But I'll play Austin's wait-and-see game, even though I can't stand Zoe either.

There was one face I was glad to see there, a Canadian actor named Brian Markinson; he plays Agent Duram. He had a recurring role in Da Vinci's Inquest and Da Vinci's City Hall; I first saw him in an episode of SG-1. Markinson is one of those good actors doomed forever to play supporting roles; I think he's capable of so much more.