This summer on SyFy:

Returning: Eureka, Haven, Warehouse 13


Alphas, about a team of ordinary citizens with extraordinary abilities. (Er, Heroes, No Ordinary Family?)

Haunted Collector, paranormal investigation centering on haunted objects instead of places.

Paranormal Witness, true stories of paranormal experiences.

In development:

Blood and Chrome, the second BSG prequel.

Three half-hour comedies:
Me and Lee, Lee Majors turns a 20-something into a bionic man.

In the Dark, a team of wannabe paranormal investigators.

Three Inches, a man who is struck by lightning is imbued with the power to move things with his mind, but only a distance of three inches.
Reality projects:
Culture Shock with Tommy Lee, revealing secrets of secret societies.

Dinner with Deepak, eating and talking.

Monster Man, Cleve Hall's workshop.

Stunts Unlimited, the dangerous world of stunt men.

Hi Tech Hoaxes, a prank show.

Tyler Shields, a documentary series about the L.A. artist.

Overthunk, competing teams create massive chain reactions.

Change the Day You Die, high-tech visualizations of participants' deaths & ways to avoid that.

Imagination Nation, inventors meeting inventors.

America's Smartest Kids, kids compete in inventing a better future.