Me too. It's a perfect opening. That lone envoy from the colonies, on the remote space station built solely for the purpose of maintaining diplomatic relations with the Cylons, going through the motions of waiting for a Cylon representative who's never once shown up in forty years -- and then she comes. That one scene tells us this show is going to be high-style, dark, sexual, and filled with the unexpected. Perfect.

Except...there's no reason for it. Why would the Cylons waste their resources sending Six and her metal bodyguards there? The station is not strategically located. There's nothing going on there, nothing the Cylons would want. If anything, the Cylons are tipping their hand -- if anyone were paying attention. When Adama is informed the envoy hasn't returned, he dismisses the matter as insignificant; more important things are on his mind (the decommissioning of Galactica). That scene is there not because it's integral to the story but because it's a carrot dangling from a stick. It's exactly how I got sucked in the first time.