One thing about Gary they got dead right, and that was the utter literal-mindedness of a child. Metaphor and connotation are totally lost on him. It looks as if Gary's function is to substitute for the magic computers so many other shows have, even NCIS. His ability to read wireless transmissions needs some fine-tuning, though. The scene in which he stood in the street and suddenly "read" that the bad guy was only two blocks away in THAT direction...much easier than actually going out and finding the guy. That scene was pure comic book stuff.

But there were good spots, too. The picturing of the trajectory of the bullet fired through the air vent to kill a man inside a locked room -- that was pretty nifty. So was Hicks's coming to understand his own potential by tossing coins at a vending machine. Sure, it's all X-Men and Heroes and Push, but it could be quite entertaining. The show needs a few more shake-down episodes first.