Now it's Mare Winningham who shows up in Torchwood. I've always liked her, but I'm none too happy about the Americanizing of this show. Or maybe I just don't like the CIA agent Jack and Gwen have hooked up with. Too much of the bully in him. I'm sure Starz can always come up with more money than SyFy, but I wonder if Russell T. Davies made the right choice. However, the story they're telling is such a good one, I'll certainly stick with it. It's an old truism in the trade that all SF is either "What if...?" or "If this goes on..."; this current story seems to be both.

In case anyone hasn't seen the latest episode yet, I won't say what it is but only mention that the fate that befalls the Mare Winningham character is just about the cruelest I've ever witnessed on TV.