Monday night, when we turned on Eureka, I realized I was grinning. The show hadn't even started yet, and already I was grinning. How many shows can create that kind of anticipation?

Here's what the New York Times says:
Reversing what it had said just last week, Syfy now says it has canceled “Eureka,” a playful science-fiction series that the channel has broadcast since 2006.

The final season, its fifth, will have its debut early next year. “The 2012 episodes are some of the best we’ve seen, and will bring this great series to a satisfying end,” the channel said in a statement.

To disappointed fans, that sounded like a flip-flop. Last Thursday Syfy’s president of programming, Mark Stern, told Entertainment Weekly that the channel had committed to a six-episode sixth season. But there was a miscommunication. Inside a sprawling company like NBC Universal, which owns Syfy, giving the green light to a new season of a show requires approvals by many layers of bosses, and those approvals apparently had not been given.

Syfy did not elaborate on Tuesday, but called the move not to order a sixth season a “difficult business decision.”