In one of these topics I was complaining about the inadequacy of DirecTV's online program descriptions. That's still true, but in one case they (whoever "they" are) went too far in the other direction. I recently watched The Verdict -- not the Paul Newman movie, but a 1946 low-budget b&w murder mystery set in Victorian London, with Sydney Greenstreet as a retired Scotland Yard superintendant, Peter Lorre as a ladies' man(!), and Joan Lorring as a café singer. The Verdict has all the comforting clichés of not only noir but also of period movies -- fog, gaslight, the sound of horses' hooves on cobblestone streets, etc. Great fun. It's a good little mystery, too, which I'm sure I would have enjoyed even more if DirecTV's online description hadn't given away the killer. One sentence to describe the movie, and it's used to reveal the ending! Unbelievable.