Huh. Sadly, that's probably true.

I keep forgetting to mention a movie titled Jindabyne, the name of a town in Australia. Four men set out on a much-anticipated weekend fishing trip; but when they reach their spot, the first thing they see is the corpse of a murdered young woman, an Aborigine, floating in the water. They decide not to notify the authorities right away, because that would be the end of their fishing trip. They tether the body to a tree so it won't float away and go off to enjoy their weekend. After a couple of days they return home and call the police.

When the town learns what the men had done, the reaction is one of repulsion and anger. The bulk of the movie is given over to showing the changes in various lives that are triggered by the men's act of insensitivity. The movie has good sustained intensity, a great sense of place, and outstanding performances by Gabriel Byrne as the leader of the four men and Laura Linney as his wife. Strong stuff.

A few days ago I watched The Duchess. Regency soap opera.