New season, new topic.

Did everyone watch Boardwalk Empire last night? I loved the Magritte opening, Steve Buscemi wearing a bowler and looking out to the sea. But I can't say I loved the show. Yet. First episode, gotta get all those plotlines going, etc. In spite of Martin Scorsese's hand on the helm, I thought the whole thing was overproduced. Overdecorated. And slow in spots. I'm certainly going to watch again, but BE didn't grab me by the throat the way The Sopranos did.

The Defenders also debuted last night; did anybody watch? I didn't. When the high point of the show's promo is Jim Belushi belching, I sort of figure this isn't my kind of show. Remember the original Defenders? E.G. Marshall and Robert Reed.

Tonight, it's the new Hawaii Five-O on CBS. Slam-bam action instead of the rather pedestrian pace of the original, but I'm a wee bit leery. The show's promo, again, this time a scene showing three fully dressed men and Grace Park in a bikini. It's going to be THAT kind of show.