Hmm, maybe it is, Lorna. In the first season, Joe was 100% supportive of Alison's "gift" while managing to keep both feet on solid ground -- a fantasy husband. That was the picture implanted in my head, at least. Until recently.

For a while this year Life Channel reran the show, two episodes per night, five nights a week. I saw a bunch of them. So close together, Joe's behavior became more noticeable. He'd argue with Alison over what seemed like every little thing; he'd even dismiss her attempts at figuring things out. There was a lot of yelling. A lot. In the long run, Joe has not been nearly as supportive as I'd thought he was. And in this last episode Lorna's talking about, he pretty much turned his back on her. They were lovey-dovey again by the end, but that episode left me unconvinced.

By the way, is there a single episode of Medium in which someone does NOT say "I don't know what to tell you"???