I think most of the more enduring reality competition shows do some version of rounding up previous participants every few years, so I don't find this all that remarkable; I'd figured we'd be getting one soon. I'm only sorry that this (according to rumor) seems to be limited to teams since the last one), as my heart continues to belong to Danny-Oswald, Kevin-Drew, the Bowling Moms, Ken-Gerard, Jill-JohnVito, and others from the early seasons. I have trouble sometimes remembering ANYbody from recent years.

The Cowboys are an exception, and I'll be glad to see them again. And they seem guaranteed as participants as they did the verbal promo at the end. For the rest, we were shown moments of dozens of teams, who can't possibly all be participating. So it was mostly likely a general tease, with the official announcement of teams to come later.