Whoo, Jon, you're even more behind in your gossip than I am. The last time I read about Hall and Carpenter, they were dating.

Now that Jane's been voted out in Survivor, we'll see if she really did go back and set the camp on fire. I don't believe it either, Austin. But a few weeks ago I read a couple of things claiming to be what really happens instead of a prediction. One web site said Sash offered to pay off Jane's mortgage if she'd vote for him in the final vote. Another web site said Sash didn't receive a single final vote. Both or either or neither could be true, but what's interesting is that both sites put Sash in the final three. The finale is this Sunday.

Rita, Fabio is a crybaby.

Edited to add I'm sorry The Closer is coming to an end, but this way they'll get to wrap it up properly instead of letting the show fade away.

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