Getting rid of Russell early may not solve the problem. In this next game, people who are voted out are not sent home but instead go to an island -- Redemption Island, which can have only one inhabitant at a time. When someone new is voted out, s/he must "duel" with the island's sole resident for the right to stay there and thus remain in the game. Loser goes home.

Try this scenario. Russell is voted out early but manages to defeat all challengers sent to the island, and he rejoins the game near the end. So instead of spreading his poison and earning the hatred of the other players as he's done before, he remains isolated from them for most of the game. In the meantime, the other players are playing the usual game of backstabbing and double-crossing and building up a lot of distrust and outright hatred among themselves. Then here comes Russell, who hasn't hurt anybody because he couldn't, stuck out on that island. He could end up winning this time.

IF he can beat all the challengers. That's a pretty big "if".

Edited to add I watched Shameless for the first time tonight. I hate to say it, but the thing I disliked the most was William H. Macy's performance. He's horribly miscast; I cringed for the man. I may be the only one in the world who thinks that, but I did find his part in the show embarrassing. The rest of the episode was mostly about raging teenage hormones.

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