Regarding the new twist on Survivor, I don't think Russell would fare to well with the "fend for yourself" aspect of living on Redeption Island. As I recall in the previous two games, he wasn't particularly interested in the basics of camp life maintainence. Not saying he couldn't do it, but unlike Boston Rob, who actually bothered to learn how to make a fire without flint (something Russell sneered at, remember), Russell let others do the "doing".

Regarding the fire at this season't camp -- they were so intent on "protecting" their fire while going off to Tribal in a drizzle that the made a blooming fireplace out of wood! These supposed smart people! I watched that as they moved the trunks in close, and wondered that not a single one of them said "Guys, closing it in this way is going to make the fire hotter and it will burn up these trunks!"

It just made it clearer to me how utterly urbanized modern life has become, so that even basic physics and their consequences become unknown.

Did anyone else watch the "modern Sherlock"? I'd sort of gone "meh" when a friend watched it on BBC America. But he raved so much, that I decided to watch it on PBS. I really loved it! It's really well done.