Yes, The Chicago Code is very well done. I suspect whether you like the show or not is going to depend on how much you warm up to Jennifer Beals and Jason Clarke, the guy who plays Supercop. She's the ranking officer but he's playing the role of her instructor; maybe that will change as the show progresses. That strong sense of the city is quite appealing. I hope it isn't just new-show bait and will be sustained.

Last night's The Good Wife had an interesting twist. It was a Love Canal plot: a pharmaceutical company didn't dispose of its toxic waste in an EPA-required way but simply buried it, resulting in health hazards for residents in the area (sterility, for one). Alicia's law firm was vying for the right to bring a class-action suit against the company with a lawyer who was pushing for a quick settlement. It turned out the lawyer was actually in the employ of the pharmaceutical company, who wanted the quick settlement because that would save the company millions of dollars. Ingenious, in an evil sort of way.