Harry suffered a burnout, realizing after 38 years that patent law is boring. She's smoking pot and watching Woody Woodpecker when her boss comes in and fires her. She's barely left the building when a man falls on her, an attempted suicide who'd jumped from the building. Harry wakes up in the hospital with nothing more serious than a mild concussion. When she leaves the hospital, she sees a For Rent sign across the street. But she's just stepped off the curb when she's hit by a car.

She wakes up in the hospital again, but this time she's able to make it to the For Rent place. It's an abandoned shoestore, well stocked with expensive designer shoes. Harry's secretary (Jenna) persuades Harry to keep the shoes, as a potential source of much-needed income. The wannabe suicide (Malcolm) wants Harry to represent him in court on a drug charge; he stays on to work as a paralegal. The driver of the car that hit her shows up (Adam, a lawyer). He wants to work out of her office temporarily, to help her get established as a way of making up for hitting her with her car. But in spite of the rough neighborhood, he decides to stay. Three gangbangers show up and attempt to shake Harry down for protection money. She tells them that if they really will protect her, she'll provide them with free legal service when they get arrested. They accept.

Um, come to think of it, I'm not sure the gangbangers were in the pilot episoe...they may have come later. Anyway, that's how Harry's new "family" was assembled.