What annoyed me was the way Merlin was responsible for the deaths of both members of that family -- and for no reason! He and the swordmaker were pawing the ground at each other; all Merlin had to do was keep his mouth shut and nothing would have happened. Then the daughter (whoever names a girl "Excalibur"?) grabbed the sword and ran, terrified, and drowned because Merlin caused the lake to ice over. Why allow Merlin the magical power to do that but deny the magical Lady of the Lake? Merlin did try to rescue the girl by pounding on the ice with the hilt of his sword; I guess he knows a freezing spell but not a melting one. Then he goes out and gets himself beat to a pulp by a couple of thugs -- as punishment, as penance, to show he's not really a black-hearted villain, he has feelings, begorrah!

I'm done too.