No banter or bullets so far. Maybe in episode #10 (Sunday), or maybe not at all, since the American version has seven fewer episodes than the Danish series. Things are definitely chilly between the two detectives, and Linden has told her superior that she has concerns about her partner's ability to be an investigator. He's new to the game, promoted to Homicide from Narcotics. But they haven't had it out between them yet.

The AMC website has an ongoing poll where viewers can select the character they think is the killer. And guess who the overwhelming favorite is! Belko has 40% of the vote; the next highest character, only 10%. The remaining 50% is scattered among the rest of the cast in parcels of 2 and 3%. If the killer turns out to be someone barely visibile, like the moneybags who's bankrolling the politician, you'll be able to hear the screams of protest from all the way across the pond.

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