I was vaguely aware that Fischer had mental problems, but I didn't know he'd turned into a ranting paranoid schizophrenic at the end. There must be some truth in the theory that the things that make some chess masters great are the very things that ultimately drive them insane. Frightening.

On a more frivolous note, I am getting very tired of all the fluff crime dramas on TV. They've been a USA specialty for years now, like Psych and White Collar and all those forgotten series that were tried out for a short season and then dumped. I can't even remember any of their titles now. Burn Notice turned into a hit, and maybe In Plain Sight, but they're still fluff. Monk ran for years, and I've never understood why.

But now even LMN is getting into the act. Its new show, The Protector, is flat, cliché-ridden, and boring. It even has a heroine who looks like a slightly younger Mary McCormack. LMN has another such show planned for later this summer, but I'm not even going to give it a try. Enough, already!