One thing of interest to me is how clearly the movie reflected the change in attitude that's taken place toward the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. I was very young when "it" happened, but I remember hearing Edward's abdication speech on the radio. For years afterward his giving up a kingdom for the love of a woman was viewed (by many Americans, at least) as the ultimate romantic gesture.

But that changed. Now we tend to view Wallis Simpson not as the reason for Edward's abdication but the excuse for it. He wanted the perks of kingship unencumbered by the duties and responsibilities that go with the job. I've read that they were shocked when they learned they were to be exiled. They honestly thought they could go on living the regal life while someone else did all the work. The movie certainly showed no sympathy for Edward. The scene in which he broke down and cried on the Queen Mum's shoulder -- that was the behavior of a self-indulgent boy. Actually, he did the country a favor by quitting; give him credit for that.