And after the James Bond finale, there's a spaghetti western coda, to balance the Clint Eastwood opening, and the hero rides off into the sunset. I loved the alien abduction sequences. They start off the way they always do (Close Encounters, X-Files, etc.): a great rumbling noise, objects rattling on the shelves, a blinding light -- but then, instead of being levitated up or beamed up, the abductees are lassoed up! Well, some alien version of the lasso, but they're all hauled up into the ships by rope. I got a big kick out of that.

Has anyone had a chance to see The Guard, Brendan Gleeson's new movie? It's in limited release and not showing anywhere in my zip code area. My son says it's playing to sold-out audiences in one Boston theater, and it is VERY entertaining.

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