A sprightly Cosė yesterday, with much fun had by all, cast and audiences alike. It left me with an urgent need to hear Susanna Phillips again as soon as possible. The sets (from an earlier production) were just right, and it was good to see James Levine back in the saddle again. Even after conducting hundreds of performances, he hasn't lost one ounce of enthusiasm for what he's doing. The suitors (Matthew Polenzani and Rodion Pogossov) both sounded good together and played together well. All the acting was appropriate to the music, although I felt Danielle de Niese (Despina) needed to tone it down a notch or two. But the opera was a real treat -- graceful music, gracefully sung.

The programs we were handed contained acknowledgements of financial donations that made this production possible. One such came from Dolce & Gabbana. Now I feel much better about spending so much money on a pair of D&G eyeglasses last month.