Probably just for the name recognition. Who would tune in to a show called Bemidji? It's the same world as the movie Fargo, and a sequel, in a way. In this last episode a young Stavros Milos (played at his present age by Oliver Platt) finds a suitcase filled with money buried in the snow. That money was put there by the Steve Buscemi character in the movie, but he was killed before he could go back and collect it. Stavros went from running out of gas in the middle of nowhere because he'd had only $5 to buy gas to becoming The Supermarket King...all because of that movie suitcase.

I'd say NCIS was on its last legs, except that the cast has been signed to new 2-year contracts. But it has been lame, and that two-parter spinoff set in New Orleans starring Scott Bacula was awful. The new gal on the team is doing the best she can with the role she's been given, but young and eager just doesn't cut the mustard this late in the series.