Somehow I missed the Hill Street Blues discussion, and I have to chime in belatedly, because I was absolutely devoted to that series, and saw every episode. I even went to the location (next to a college campus just south of the Chicago Loop) where the station house facade was that they used for background and transitional shots, when they were doing the second-unit shooting before the second season (the cameraman was my father's best friend and he tipped me off). I got to shake hands with Daniel J. Travanti and was later sent an autographed photo from the cast.

Yes, the pilot episode ended with the revelation that the police captain and the angry lawyer were having a secret affair, and they were interrupted by a phone call with the news that Hill and Renko had been shot and were in critical condition. (Probably everybody here knows that originally Renko was to have died and Hill to have acquired a new partner for the run of the series, but everyone found the pairing so strong that he was kept alive after all.)

Michael Warren, who played Bobby Hill, is from Indiana, just a year older than me. He'd been a basketball star on UCLA's glory team of the late 1960s, but knowing that he was not tall enough for a professional career, he'd been a theater major from the start. I'd been following his movie career since 1971 and he was probably the reason I started to watch HSB. Now he's probably known to a younger generation, if at all, as Jessica Alba's father-in-law.