Just when you think you've seen every kind of crime there is acted out on TV, The Black List comes up with a new twist. I just hope there's no murderous surgeon out there who watched that episode and thought "Oh, what a good idea!"

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I've been wondering where Claire gets the great dresses she's been wearing. She showed up with absolutely nothing, but now she's the best-dressed woman in the clan.
Oh, Rita, you're such a romantic. grin

I'm a sucker for time travel stories, but I have to wonder if any 20th-century woman would truly choose to stay in 1743, no matter how hunky the men or how beautiful the scenery. Especially a woman with medical training: herbs and folk remedies can carry her only so far. Can she perform a root canal on herself? Could she remove her own inflamed appendix? Claire must know she'd be shortening her life span if she stays in the past.

Austin, TAR was moved to Friday because CBS wanted the Sunday spot for the new show Madam Secretary, to pair off with The Good Wife, back-to-back series about women in authority making decisions that affect more than just the family. I'd never make it as a TV programmer, because that schedule sounds like a bad idea to me; the two programs could easily dilute each other. But however that works out, it does look as if TAR's days are numbered.