I thought Figaro's Nozze was an absolute delight. The updated setting (the 1930s) wasn't intrusive, the turntable set was great, and everybody sounded wonderful. (Well, almost everybody. I didn't care much for Amanda Majeski's voice (the Countess) -- which most likely is a perfectly good voice, but I probably haven't got Eleanor Steber out of my head yet. The "Dove sono" didn't sound quite there.)

Ildar Abdrazakov was a new name, face, and voice to me, but what a Figaro he made! Beautiful singer and a good comic actor to boot. The acting was broad, but it fit in with the nonsensical plot. Isabel Leonard made a charming Cherubino; she's singing Rosina in Barber next month. The best thing about this production was that everyone was having fun, singers and audience alike. Definitely thumbs up.