This past week was winners' week on TV, not winning shows necessarily but winners of reality competitions. The title of Master Chef Junior went to a beautiful 11-year old boy named Logan Guleff. Those children were amazing...they all could cook things I'd never even heard of. One little girl was only eight. Eight years old and competing in a nationally televised cooking contest! What were you doing when you were eight years old? I was still learning how to read. But Ramsey said Logan already had his chef's style, and it was a well-deserved win.

Survivor was a little different this time. No repeats, all new players. No villains. No heroes. Just a group of fairly well-matched players going through the usual maneuvering to reach Final Council, and the smartest player won, Natalie Anderson. No one ever voted against her in Tribal. Natalie and her twin sister Nadiya had earlier participated in TAR, and ironically Nadiya was the first one voted off in Survivor. Jeff Probst said they bookended the game. Another well-deserved win.

And so was La Tasha McCutcheon's win in Hell's Kitchen. Her team never nominated her for elimination, but I think the reason she won was that she was the most mature of the competitors. The rest were the usual collection of braggarts and dreamers. Ramsey made a good choice.

Last, but never least, TAR, which was won by a dark horse team. Food scientists Amy DeTong and Maya Warren never won a leg of the race, and they came in last in the penultimate leg, which was a non-elimination leg. So they started the final leg in last place, after three other teams. It was the memory test that won it for them. Amy sailed through it, getting all the answers right on the first try, something the others couldn't do. That gave them a big enough lead to let them cross the finish line first. They didn't run as good a race as the teams they beat, but they came through when it counted most. TAR showed a brief preview of the next race, so the show isn't done yet.