Anyone go to today's frou-frou? I almost didn't but let myself be talked into it. The reviews haven't been very enthusiastic, but that's all right; The Merry Widow was nice, lighthearted fun. Jon, I hope you were able to watch Kelli O'Hara steal the show! Strange to see Renée Fleming outshone by the second lady of the piece. Age is finally catching up with Fleming (she's 56 and looks it). She can still hit her high notes with ease, but all too frequently I wouldn't have known what she was singing about if it hadn't been for the captioning across the bottom of the screen. I loved Nathan Gunn's Danilo; he sounded good and looked good and seemed perfectly at home in his role. I even liked the sets, each one of them perfectly symmetrical in interesting ways. The Merry Widow is all just tuneful fluff, but I did enjoy it.