Ha, oh yes...that. Unfortunately, I didn't respond well to Iolanta. There was one love duet that packed some punch, but the rest of it wasn't very engaging -- just IMO, of course. Netrebko and Beczala did their best and sounded great, as usual. Visually, the production was stunning, simply stunning. No quarrel there.

Bluebeard's Castle must be the ultimate statement about how so many women are attracted to Bad Boys. It's Judith's own obsession that leads to her doom; Bluebeard doesn't lure her -- he even tries to warn her off. I don't know if it was Nadja Michael's performance that made this opera about Judith instead of Bluebeard or whether I just don't remember it right (I've seen only one other performance, eons ago). The Kafka-esque set fit the music perfectly. I liked this one; I liked it a lot.