Alas, tomorrow is the last simulcast of the season -- or today, I guess, for every place east of here. I'm a little bit dubious about the "update" of Pag, but I haven't seen a production of these two operas for so long that I'll take 'em in any form. Especially since I was able to see only a small part of La Donna del Lago, which I was sooooo looking forward to. I had a coughing spell that was so disruptive I had to leave. I went to the Ladies' and coughed myself silly, and when everything had calmed down I went back to the auditorium, but it started all over again. So I had to leave for good. I was still at the mercy of my cough the following Wednesday, when the repeat was shown. The opera isn't on the summer "Encore" schedule, but they'll probably get around to showing it again eventually.