Well, I knew there had to be a reason La Donna del Lago was so rarely performed, but I still didn't want to miss the chance to see it -- my only chance, no doubt.

The set of Cav was hugely disappointing: primarily a platform that rotated every once in a while just to show that it could. A lot of fussing with chairs. And darkness. This is supposed to be a village square at dawn? Why so dark? This story should be acted out under the blistering Sicilian sun, where blood runs hot and self-restraint is a notion neither observed nor even understood. Pag fared a little better; there was enough color in the props and costumes to brighten things up a bit...and it was all helped along by the revelation that Patricia Racette is a good comic actor.

But Lorna is right: a bad production can't hurt Cav and Pag. I loved every glorious note of both of them.